Diversity, equality and integration

Beyond the law – A comparative study

Editor(s): Blanpain R.
Contributor(s): Agrawal K.B., Anthoon G., Bisom-Rapp S., Blanpain B., Blanpain R., Chen K., Colucci M., De Vos M., Foubert P., Hardy S., Hendrickx F., Jonkers P., Lehoczky C.K., Laborde J.-P., Leroy F., Nyström B., van den Berg L., Weiss M.
ISBN-13: 978 90 8584 730 4
Year of Publication: 2008
Cover: Paperback
Number of Pages: 428
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This book contains the proceedings of the International Forum on Diversity, Equality and Integration (Brussels – 26 & 27 September 2007), during which outstanding legal scholars, civil servants, managers and trade unionists indicated how to fight discrimination through participation in the labour markets.

Throughout the different contributions, an array of possible positive actions is examined: diversity plans, anonymous applications, public procurement contracts, diversity managers, class actions, awards for model enterprises,… Pro and contra are examined. Various grounds of discrimination (race, gender, religion,…) are discussed as well as the issue of diversity reporting and privacy. The situation in different countries is thoroughly examined by means of specific country reports. 

The lessons learned from legislation, case law, practices and experiences – on a national as well as transnational level – will allow to draw conclusions on how to realise integration successfully, while maintaining diversity.

Table of Contents:

General reports
  1. Diversity, equality and integration
  2. The prohibition of discrimination in industrial relations: An overview of the relevant provisions in the law of the European Union

  3. Positive action and EC discrimination law: Concepts and acquis

  4. Anonymous applications. The AXA-case

  5. The diversity policy of the VDAB. The Flemish labour market must show its colors

  6. Diversity and privacy: An exercise in compatibility
National reports
  1. Equality in Belgium: A story about diversity
  2. Diversity, equality and integration: Preliminary report on China’s rural migrant workers and other related issues
  3. Diversity, equality and integration in France
  4. Diversity, equality and integration: The German case
  5. Learning equality, diversity and integration. A “semi-transitional“ view from a Central East European member state (Hungary)
  6. Diversity, equality and integration in Italy
  7. Right to equality: A cornerstone of fundamental rights (India)
  8. Rise and decline of employment. Equity legislation in the Netherlands
  9. Diversity, equality and integration. Law and practice: Swedish country report
  10. Diversity, equality and integration: UK country report
  11. Diversity, equality and integration: A workplace perspective from the U.S.
  12. Race relations in the educational system of the United States of America. The continued underachievement of the African-American student put in perspective
Summarising the discussion: “learning from each other”
General conclusion