Local Political Leadership in Europe

Town Chief, City Boss or Loco President?

Editor(s): Delwit P., Pilet J.-B., Reynaert H., Steyvers K.
Contributor(s): Aars J., Açikel F., Balci S., Breuillard M., Copus C., Delwit P., Erikson M., Guérard S., Karlsson D., Kopric I., Magnier A., J. Navarro C., Pilet J.-B., Pinson G., Rao N., Reynaert H., Schaap L., Steyvers K., Valcke T. & Wollmann H.
ISBN-13: 978 90 8584 937 7
Year of Publication: 2009
Cover: Paperback
Number of Pages: 340
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In many European countries, local political leadership is in transformation. The latter is often seen as a response to the emergence of local governance, entailing the proliferation of governing institutions (multi-level) and the development of new networks and policy initiatives (multi-actor). The complexity and fragmentation that stem from these shifts evoke dilemmas of coordination and accountability. As a cure, strengthening local political leadership is often turned to. Leaders are expected to pull the frameworks of local decision-making together, act as entrepreneurs in an increasingly competitive environment and function as figureheads of the municipality.

It is to the impact of these transformations that this book turns in focusing on the acquisition, the performance and the consequence of local political leadership in transformation. The book provides a comparative account of these issues in bringing together a selection of leading scholars in this field in Europe.

Table of Contents:

  1. Comparing Local Political Leadership in Transformation
    Kristof Steyvers, Herwig Reynaert, Pascal Delwit and Jean-Benoit Pilet
  2. English Elected Mayors: Developing a New Form of Local Political Leadership in England, or Moving On in the Same Old Style?
    Colin Copus
  3. Neither Notables nor Party Men but Established Policy-Makers. ‏The Intentional and Perverse Effects of the Direct Election of Italian Mayors
    Annick Magnier and Clemente Navarro-Yanez
  4. Mayors as New Political Oligarchs/Magnets in Turkey: Patterns of Transition from Local Politics to National Politics and Vice Versa
    Fethi Açikel and Sarp Balci
  5. The Ascent of the Directly Elected Mayor in European Local Government in West and East
    Hellmut Wollmann
  6. ‘De Burgemeester’: Netherlands’ Mayoral Leadership in Consensual Democracy and Collegial Policy-making?
    Linze Schaap
  7. The Statesmanship Effect. Local Leadership and Policy Priorities in Sweden
    David Karlsson and Malgorzata Erikson
  8. Local Leadership in a National Context: A Franco-English Comparison of Institutional Frameworks and Political Cultures
    Michèle Breuillard and Stéphane Guérard
  9. The New Urban Leaders: Changing Modes of Operation and Legitimacy Amongst Local Elected Officials in Venice and Manchester
    Gilles Pinson
  10. Belgian Mayors and Governors. Leadership in a Changing Multi-level Context
    Tony Valcke
  11. From Committees to Cabinets: the Transformation of English local Government
    Nirmala Rao
  12. Immune to Reform? The Nordic Mayor
    Jacob Aars
  13. Directly Elected Mayors on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia: Between Authoritarian Local Political Top Bosses and Citizen-Oriented Local Managers
    Ivan Koprić
  14. Local Political Opportunity Structures as Action Arena For Mayors. A ‘Mediating Filter’ Between Local Groups And Local Political Leaders
    Clemente Navarro-Yanez
  15. The Quasi-Presidentialisation of Local Political Systems: Causes and Consequences
    Jean-Benoit Pilet, Pascal Delwit, Kristof Steyvers and Herwig Reynaert