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Cover Local Political Leadership in Europe
Local Political Leadership in Europe
This book focuses on the acquisition, the performance and the consequence of local political leadership in transformation.
Cover The Impact of Ombudsmenr
The Impact of Ombudsmen
By combining insights from practitioners and academics, this book provides a unique perspective on assessing the impact of ombudsmen.
Cover Fixed-Term Employment Contracts
Fixed-Term Employment Contracts
How much security do national labour law and collective agreements provide regarding fixed term employment? The question is answered in this study.
Cover Diversity, equality and integration
Diversity, equality and integration
Legal scholars, civil servants, managers and trade unionists indicate how to realise integration successfully, while maintaining cultural diversity.
Cover The road to Europe
The road to Europe
How and to what extent do local governments (re)act to the growing influence of Europe? This book both analyses and comments.
Cover Memoirs of Roger Blanpain
Memoirs of Roger Blanpain
The memoirs of this famous labour law specialist cast a fascinating light on the social evolution of Belgian and European post-war societies.

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